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music, mayhem and.. monkeys

Music fans never get enough sleep. I feel like I've been sleep deprived for just about all of the 365 days that made up 2005. So it goes, I suppose. But overall, I think it was a pretty interesting year for me with music. I def. saw less than I did in 2004 (or at least it feels that way), but I also feel like I developed several really significant new band-loves in my life and really went out of my way to focus this blog on the sounds that I REALLY love and believe in. I hope you have enjoyed it.

Thursday night's Tinselfrenzy party involved a selection of those very bands, and overall I'm really excited and happy with how everything turned out. I thought the bill had was diverse enough to be interesting to a good variety of people and at the same time attract people to sounds they may have never heard before.

Oh yeah, and there was tinsel everywhere and free cookies. We aim to please!

Of course, I was most jonesed to get my Chicago music fix from out-of-towners The Changes (had I not mentioned that before? haha) and I spent the majority of my weekend (aside from having amazing dinner party conversations about monkeys and scarlet johanssen... no joke) watching this band play the same set (almost exactly I think?) at three different venues around the city. While I think it's safe to say that they are still improving and have no where to go but up, they definitely made a few new fans around here over their weekend jaunt and that's awesome to say the least.

That said, I thought every band really gave it their all on Thursday, most of all Beat Radio, who played sans their drummer because he was in a car accident and didn't show up for the gig! Fortunately he is fine, but the band played on and really proved to me that not only are they awesome guys devoted to their music and their fans, but they are REALLY talented to boot - still managing to impress a mostly new audience with only 3/4ths of their group.

Honestly, if you don't know how much I love The Diggs and Morning Theft... then just look through the archives of this blog.

As I said before... big things in 2006... big big things.

So on Wednesday I'm leaving for my much needed winter vacation, over which I will hopefully have time to really contemplate doing some sort of best of/top ten/what rocked my little world list. MAYBE. Or I will just sleep a lot and eat a lot of hotdogs and go see The Changes more. You never know....

If not, just come see me DJ at Sin-e bar tomorrow night at 10pm and I'll PLAY IT ALL FOR YOU. What an awesome deal that is. Have a happy holidays!

--- Nora

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