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lions and tigercity oh my!

okay, actually no lions. or bears or very indie exclamation points either. however, i have really been digging the band Tigercity lately, because catchy is the new awesome and this band is absolutely both.

granted i DID see them live a few months ago because Piper dragged me there after we saw some really weird band from like antartica featuring an albino piano player trying to channel coldplay at pianos. swear to god. so i was not really in the best mood, and Tigercity was having technical problems which seemed to render them somewhat incapable of playing any of their songs.

nevertheless, i've been listening to their music for a few weeks now in heavy iTunes rotation, and we actually played them on The Blog Show the last week of December, so to say that Tigercity have grown on me would be quite the understatement. My friend Jay made a comparison to the Rapture at their Annex show, but I don't really hear that necessarily. More, this is just very straightforward, good poppy "dance rock" that I'm not sure you could actually dance to. Then again, I dance to "Ruby," so anything is possible.

Oh and they are playing at Merc on Feb 10th. Disco party!

Tigercity - Dark Water

Tigercity - Are You Sensation

Also, why we are on the subject of fun pop rock tunes, I want to direct you guys over to a new blog that my friend/partner in crime Piper has started called Shh! Don't Tell. Except she's telling you! Get it? Good.

Anyways, check out Drive-By Argument, that song "Sega Method" is solid in my book.

RUBY : coming atcha LIVE

clap your hands and say blog show. har har.