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where was i? oh yeah.

Hi. Ok so I know I haven't recapped anything or written about anything in a billion years. It's too fucking hot to blog. I need a guest blogger or an extra hour attached to every day for this to work. What has been going on... last saturday was the first BBQ of the summer, where lots of beer pong and flip cup and tasty onion dip consumption went down. Fun times in the sun. That was followed up by stops at Tiswas to see Saints and Lovers do a retardedly awesome cover of "Atmosphere" that is so epic and beautiful it blows my fucking mind. Yum. They also have some great new portraits on their website that you can check out here.

The next Saints and Lovers show is June 22nd at Pianos with Morningwood (who have a killer new album coming out). Buy tickets here.

Saints and Lovers - Kiss It Goodbye
Saints and Lovers - The Air

We left before Andy Rourke could drop any choice Smiths tracks and headed over to Misshapes for the Louis XIV/Killers/Tarts O' Pleasure extravaganza that resulted in my being in bed with a fever for the next two straight days... it was just that hot (no, seriously. it was REALLY hot in there). You can see lots of photographic evidence that Louis XIV likes jailbait and Jay Z likes (or rather pretends to like) Louis XIV right here. Jigga what?

Recovered from my illness, I made it to Hiro bright and early at 1:30 am to DJ with the Husky G, only to discover a lack of AC that left the dance floor rather sauna-esque. Hotness again, but fun times. Peter even dropped new Stallstarr* "Sweet Troubled Soul" which was the standout song when I saw them at Luna Lounge and sounds 8392738592375 times more excellent on the recording. Unfortunately immediately after playing the song, which got a GREAT crowd response, Peter took the CD out and snapped it in half so that yours truly couldn't grab it and take it home to savor the rest. Boo! Soon, hopefully...

Last night was the second installment of the French explosion that is Le One Night Stand and a lot of people came back for more this time around. I had no idea what I was listening to most of the time, but Audrey was loving every minute of it! I'm so happy for Andy and everyone that the party was such a success. Next time, I suggest eclairs. And more girls shaking it in thong underwear for my guy friends (I guess...)

I also tried to finagle my way on a UK tour with Madison Strays to sell buttons or something. Apparently their recent tour there went amazingly well and involved something that goes something on the floor, blood on the walls and champagne on the ceiling. Not like I really need a good reason to go to London but... I'll keep you posted.

FInal tidbits before I head off to LCD Soundsystem:

EDITORS. I fucking LOVE this band. Every time I DJ I can't NOT play "Munich." Does this band have a full length album? Can someone please send it to me??? I would love you forever. Thank you. Jeff has a new song by them from BBC1 or something. It's called Blood and is also fucking great.

Jen also has new Arcade Fire here, from Six Feet Under (best show fucking ever that is saving my summer).

If I had to pick one show this weekend to beg you to go to I would pick Mobius Band, Grand National and the Winter Pageant at Knitting Factory on Saturday night. That's just a really good line up and not overly hyped in any way. There are just 382957329587 good shows this weekend and I'm spending it on the beach.

Have a good one!

I hear everybody that you know is more relevant than everybody that I know.

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