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vacation all i ever wanted...

We live in a fucking amazing country. And if I never see a car or a rest stop or 4 dollar per gallon gasoline prices ever again, I will be a happy girl. That said, I'm back in NYC. I have tons of stories to tell you, mainly about another fucking amazing turn at the Coachella festival where I got no sleep, drank massive amounts of red bull, saw 283957239587 great bands and had the time of my life.

Obviously my love of festivals has started to take over my exhistance... Lollapalooza tickets are already purchased thanks to my little sis and this is looking mighty tempting. Ahh my poor bank account!

But to try to get myself excited for this upcoming week in NYC and distract myself from dreams of hot tubs, palm trees, in and out burgers and roulette tables galore, there are some great shows in NYC coming up this week!

First off, Dutch Kills are playing a Melody Nelson night @ Rothko this Tuesday at 9pm!

Dutch Kills - Planes

if you are looking for a more mellow vibe, go see Aqualung at Irving Plaza. their single "Brighter than Sunshine" was featured in the new Amanda Peet/Ashton Irritating Kutcher movie that (blah, yes) I actually saw. after the flick this song just wouldn't leave me head (although i wish most of the movie would have).

looking for something so sweet it'll give you cavities? check out the video for the tune here:

Aqualung Brighter than Sunshine
[windows media] [real media]

There is some undoubtable madness going on at Luna Lounge this Friday. You dont need a million reasons to go, but there will probably be that many people there. If that isn't your thing, do what smart people do and go to Crash Mansion to see an amazing line up featuring bands I yak about all the time like this one, this one and THIS ONE. Whoa!!! And there is an open bar, info here.

And whoever booked so many great shows for May 27th, I sort of hate you for making my life hard!

Tonight, Saints + Lovers @ Merc. 10 bucks. 9:30pm. Their cover of Joy Division's "Atmosphere" will be soon released on Stolen Transmission. Hottt!

Glad to be back.

(the above photo is entirely a lousy representation of my trip but it's the only one i had... sorry! and no, i did not eat the cashews)

seems to me it's about time

coachella or bust