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I hear everybody that you know is more relevant than everybody that I know.

LCD Soundsystem... whoa. This show was so much fun. Murphy and co. did a great job translating the album into a live show with a little bit more edge... a little bit more punk rock going on there?? yeah definately. the encore of "Yeah" was just insanely good. lots of energy. James was nothing as I pictured him but that didn't really matter after a while anyways. he really has a gift.

i completely enjoyed the show and now i can't stop listening to the album. i did so all the way out to the Hamptons, which is hands down one of the worst places I have ever
visited. So we medicated with a lot of vodka and went to cheesy club central where I watched a room of people freak out when the DJ played... The Killers. I was standing by the DJ booth and it sort of made me want to cry in agony. And also smile in satisfaction. Instead Nicole and I just chugged our drinks and wound up in the center of the dance floor aka frat boy central, where everyone knew all the words and we just sang and danced around. That made me feel better.

Fine, okay. I can deal with this meanstream killers thing. If the guy had played Interpol I would have killed myself though.

Otherwise this was a really nice and relaxing weekend.

Said the Gramaphone has two more awesome Clap Your hands Say Yeah tracks up. Get them now!!!!!

and here is an LCD Soundsystem track that I can't get enough of: Tribulations

triple threat!

where was i? oh yeah.