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Oh snap it's a recap: This Side Up / I Rock I Roll / Filter's CMJ DAY PARTY!

So while Bumpershine already has a sorta recap of what I did during CMJ Friday & Saturday nights (along with the rest of the After The Jump-ers), I thought it would be good to recap the party I actually helped put together - my FIRST for CMJ ever, with This Side Up Sounds and Filter Magazine!

First up: Pretty & Nice were EXCELLENT and i am hoping to get them back for a show asap. their drummer is one of my new favorite people, he wears science goggles when he drums. they are the only band I made a point of seeing twice during the marathon, and it was well worth the effort. Expect to see a lot more posting on them here in a "Tally Hall style" capacity. I have no pictures of them, because I had no camera either time I saw them. What a fail on my part. But this just means you have to come see for yourself, right?

Pretty & Nice - Fortress

Princeton were a great addition to the day and really did their best to get everyone in the venue to dance, which is a hard task at 1 in the afternoon in a room full of sober people but they made it work!

Princeton - The Waves

Jukebox the Ghost’s guitar player Tommy woke up 15 minutes before their scheduled set somewhere in brooklyn, but managed to make it to the venue after some frantic phone calls, kindaaaa looking like he had just fallen out of bed. but it was great, they rocked it, had the same funny banter as always and played a new song!

Jukebox The Ghost - Matter Of Time

Next up were The Noisettes who basically BLEW MY MIND. Their singer is a talent like I haven’t seen in a while. And she’s super hot and smelled really good too, if that matters. they were fantastic. I am in love. They should be playing much larger venues then Rehab, that is for sure.

The Noisettes - The Count Of Monte Christo

Tally Hall played two new songs, wore their new vests, and were great. I talk about Tally Hall on this blog basically every day, so I think you know my feelings here. Go watch episode 4 of their internet show!!! It's up now!

Tally Hall - Haiku

In the end, it was a really fun way to spend an afternoon, everyone drank ALL the Colt 45 and got crazy, and I tried both of the tasty flavors of Function Water and give them a thumbs up for sure. That "hangover cure" they promise is no joke!

Also a big big thank you for Ross and Andrew from Tally Hall, who were the DJs for the afternoon. They played some great stuff... including uh... Dogs Eye View!?!?

SO woo hoo and see you next CMJ where we will have something bigger and better going on, I'm sure.

All of the really great photos on this post are by the amazing Bryan. The rest are by me.


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