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things break, i ramble. cmj?

Oh hai. So, CMJ happened this year. And then my laptop broke AGAIN and made updating a non-possibility. So now I guess I can write about CMJ, and maybe you will be interested in things that happened LAST MONTH, but probably not. The good things that happened included finally seeing Eagle*Seagull TWICE and the second time was outdoors on a beautiful fall day at The Yard. Children were smashing pumpkins, the bbq was cheap and the sangria was flowing.

Shows that I also really enjoyed included We Are Wolves at Annex, who were crazy and awesome. I probably would also have liked Cut Off Your Hands, except I was crammed in the back of the Delancey for their show, so I couldn't actually see anything, but I did get a free copy of their EP which I am enjoying. Black Kids were disappointing when I saw them at Annex, because they set up for what seemed like years, played one song, and then blew an amp and were dunzo. But I would give them another chance.

I saw Spoon at Blender Theater, at 3 in the morning, and Pat Poptarts let me drink his free sparks, so thank for that one. Ait Traffic were there also, and they make me happy.

Jukebox the Ghost were great as always, the Indaba loft was great and had free cookies sometimes and mostly felt like you were in someone's living room with your favorite band. Rachael did a great job of curating and I saw some of my NYC faves there like Undisputed Heavyweights and Beat Radio.

In other news, I fought a giant Kadju character outside the Brooklyn Vegan day show on Saturday, after happily just catching the Maccabees. I didn't see any bands at the Fader Sideshow, even though I really tried, but it was always packed. I did get free Pumas (thanks Jeff!) and a tummy ache from that deadly Soco punch and accidently interrupted Jerry Yeti in a serious game of Guitar Hero (sorry, Jerry).

We Are Wolves - Fight And Kiss

Black Kids - I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance With You

Jukebox The Ghost - Hold It In

Well, that was fun, wasn't it?

Also, did you know that Aziz Ansari has a flickr account and all he takes pictures of is food? Well, either way, I really want to go out to dinner with Flight of the Conchords.


back tomorrow with regular blogging, srsly.


cmj 2007 aka "i hate my day job right now"