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cmj 2007 aka "i hate my day job right now"

well, per the usual, cmj is totally kicking my ass. i'm on my second cup of coffee and my lotus notes at work is making me go cross-eyed. nevertheless, so far it has been a pretty fun though also fairly tame marathon thus far.

Monday night I wen to the Syndicate party, which is usually the highlight for me. The downside this year was that it was a really expensive cash bar (BOO?!?!?), the upside was that I got to see/oogle We Are Scientists, one of my personal faves. They have a new album coming out in 2008 which should be awesome x1000.

after monday night's vodka swilling, I took it easy last night and after dinner at the Pink Pony made my way across the pond to Southpaw to see a band a friend of mine has been raving about since she got back from the UK.

Alberta Cross are a folk/rock band from London who produce a soulful southern sound very much akin to Kings of Leon. They have a debut EP out now called The Thief & The Heartbreaker, and you can catch them at CMJ today at 3pm at the Puck Building or BETTER YET, tonight at the After The Jump show at the Music Hall of Williamsburg.


Alberta Cross - Lucy Rider

Alberta Cross - The Thief & The Heartbreaker

things break, i ramble. cmj?

CMJ: Indie Outlaw daytime show (After The Jump!)