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summertime = slacker time. well, sort of. in between my relentless job search (is anyone in the music industry hiring? please get in touch!), I've been getting a lot of random and some pretty great music sent to me. and, especially lately, I really DO try to give everything that is unknown to me at least one listen thru if not more. that really is the point of this blog afterall.

sooooo let's see what I came up with today

Ladyslipper hail from Minnesota, but have a song named after my midwest hometown. A Sufjan cover this most certainly is not, as Chicago rocks out something fierce. They also have a song called 'City at Night,' which, according to lead singer Jonathan Kennedy is about "our city getting taken away at night by bulldozers and pickup trucks, tearing down record stores and independent restaurants and eateries and putting up more condos." Sounds to me like these boys would easily fit into my Williamsburg neighborhood as of late... haha...

Their first album, which came out on July 10th on Say Rah records (the first release ever for this fledgling label) is titled The Time, Not The Weather. Learn more at

Ladyslipper - Chicago

So I think Figurines are a band that somehow got lost in the shuffle for me the first time around (considering they toured with the more massively blog hype-tastic bands Cold War Kids and Tapes N'Tapes, I guess I have some excuse) when they released their debut album in 2006. But after checking out the first single from their forthcoming follow-up When The Dear Wore Blue (as opposed to, you know, when the Dear wore a plaid flannel or something), I have to say I have clearly been missing something in my life and that something is this song "Hey Girl." I mean how can you NOT like a song called "Hey Girl" Seriously. Something would be wrong with you.

Here is the song for you to check out and boogie to, and pick up the album stateside on September 11th.

Figurines - Hey Girl

Amestory write really swell songs with pianos, and they are kind of emo but rock out enough at times that I don't really mind so much, sort of like if Death Cab for Cutie kicked it up a notch or ten. Some people refer to this LA band's music as "chamber pop", which I guess lends itself to a bolder more layered array of sound than you find in your run of the mill pop song. That's just my guess though, since i don't spend a lot of time in chambers aside from office cubicles.

Anywho, Amestory have an album out now (their third) on Portia Records called "'They Can Sing, They Can Sing, They Can Sing Underwater". If they actually can sing this song underwater, I would be totally impressed.

Amestory - The March, The Parade

Another band at Rachael's rock-tastic birthday party last month was this Swedish chap named Pelle Carlberg who was really engaging and writes clever pop songs. He also covers that Mika song, and while I don't really adore Mika as much as some people, I really liked Mr. Carlberg's take on "Grace Kellaaaaaaaah" so that is saying a lot.

Pelle Carlberg - I Love You, You Imbecile (i am totes writing this on my next valentines day card)

Pelle also has this hot older guy thing going on. Speaking of which, did anyone else think that Gary Oldman looks ridiculously hot (you know, for an older guy) in the new Harry Potter movie? Oooor maybe that's just me.... Anyways, check out more songs from Pelle over here or on his album Everything Now!!.

Finally, A&R reps from major labels sit up and take notice (I guess), to Milwaukee's The Good Luck Joes. I mean seriously, I've heard this music before, and yet I found myself replaying this track on my iTunes over and over again. I don't know, maybe sometimes simple and impossibly catchy really is best? or after listening to a lot of "serious indie rock" maybe nora just wanted to do some cheesy hair flips around her bedroom. haha. They will probably be touring with Plain White T's faster than you can say the title of a Fall Out Boy song.

The Good Luck Joes - My Little Thief

Okay this entry has exhausted me, and I just went thru what feels like a billion tracks to compile it. Maybe it is just a slow summer or I am a tough cookie. I'll mention some more latter in the week so keep the music coming!

where my ladies at?

i have no idea what to make of this : rilo kiley shakes their moneymaker