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the state of the bravery

Jed played this for me over the weekend, and I just found it on my computer at work. It's the Bravery, live on Radio 1 performing an acoustic stripped down version of 'Honest Mistake.' Download here.

Ok, at first when I was listening to it I was like "they have got to be fucking kidding me," but to be honest (no pun intended), by the end I was like "ok that wasn't half bad."

I think a lot of people changed their opinions on the Bravery the second they got to be popular, and I don't really think that's entirely fair. Truth be told, I don't think the band are the greatest thing to happen to music or really deserve the onslaught of praise they have been receiving in the media, especially in the UK. I think the band could use a lot more work and time to really polish things up instead of rushing forward with their album and their big industry dealings etc. etc. Can you really blame them though?

But I distinctly remember last summer listening to their EP, going to their shows at Arlene's Grocery, and LOVING this band. And the people I was with that I took to those shows LOVED them to, although it seems that most of them have changed their minds. Honest Mistake, especially.. I said it then and I will stick to it again now, it's a GREAT song. Has that changed? I don't think so. Popularity killed it for them then, I guess... but I still think they're fun and have some good songs -- though far far far from perfect or revolutionary in the way they are proclaimed. Backlash is always a bitch.

And that's what I have to say about that.


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