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at home i have a huge box of tapes n'tapes...

I don't have a lot of time to update today, but I figured I'd be totally repetitive and say that at the last minute, thanks to the wonderful Jasper, I ran into Pianos to catch all of Tapes N' Tapes and boy am I glad that I did. You can see some photos here @ Brooklyn Vegan. Tamborines, sleigh bells, and tubas, oh my, this band is pretty fucking awesome. I don't even really know what to compare them to... Wolf Parade? I don't really hear it but that's the word around here.

Seriously, if nothing else I just love saying the name of this band. Mmmm... TAPES N'TAPES! It just rolls off the tongue. Say it. Say it again. Yay! Also, at one point their CD player wasn't working, which Jay from the Cloud Room found pretty ironic. Just thought I'd share.

So I guess that's my "review." Oh and my friend from England really liked this band also, probably moreso than I did. The last time he was here I took him to see the Bravery at Arlene's Grocery and he said they would be huge in england so maybe he's a better barometer for these things than even I am.

Although he hates the Bravery now...

Tapes N'Tapes - Insistor

Okay so Tapes N'Tapes is tonight @ Mercury Lounge and then THURSDAY night at this blast of awesomeness from ProductshopNYC:

it dawned on me

a new year and a new gostation