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where have i been?

can someone tell me when Clap Your Hands Say Yeah got such CUTE MERCH???? I am a sucker for cute merch. I love my CYHSY t-shirt to death, which is pretty old school, but I would go for that hoodie or the tote bag or both. Tis the indie rock gift giving season, no?

also, I think LEVY has broken up. this is very very very very VERY sad news.

Here are songs for mourning (unless it isn't true, but someone should really let me know what the deal is!):

Levy - Mint

Levy - Squeeze

however, Editors are working on a new album, possibly ready by the spring! great success, hi five!

finally, i went to Pianos last night, celebrated Wes's (aka the tall dutchman) birthday, complained about the new menu at Pianos a lot, and saw a singer songwriter who calls himself Cavalier King. His name is actually Chris Taylor, and he's a handsome guy who sings songs about how he is lonely (suuure). Rachael thinks he sounds like the guy from Beirut. I don't think that comes across on his album, The Sun Revolutions, but otherwise I agreed with her.

Cavalier King - The Unprotected

riders are funny things

love beat radio