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riders are funny things

My first internship when I was in college was at a concert booking agency. Which was cool because I got hooked up with free stuff like passes to see Bjork and I also got to read tour riders all day. Riders are basically a chance for egomaniac rock stars to demand all the comforts of home (well, if your home was a five star hotel) and then some. And while you can ask for the world and a half with a rider, odds are you'll never even get half of it. Though I really wanted to get Tally Hall some hummos and nice white folded towels for their sin-e show, it never actually happened.

Anyways, here is a segment from Liam and Me's rider that I found quite awesome.


Purchaser shall provide at his/her sole cost expense ONE dressing room with a lockable door. The dressing room shall be clean and comfortable, and shall contain adequate lighting, mirrors, comfortable seating and toilet facilities within close proximity.


Twenty (20) Bottles of water (No carbonated or tap water, room temperature)
Three (3) Six packs of Amstel Light bottles
Twelve pack of Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper in cans (cold)
Tea and Coffee if possible, with 2% milk, sugar, splenda, lemon
Raw Vegetable platter with Dip
Fruit Tray Deli Tray4 packs
Dentyne mint gum (surprise us with the specific variety)
Cups, napkins, utensils, and ice

**1 hour before showtime, two cups of hot tea (unsweetened, black, decaf) will be hand delivered to vocalists (Matt and Dan) by charming and attractive female venue staff member or other similarly female, charming, and attractive representative. Ceramic mugs with logo of local business or tourist destination preferred.

**If there is a Wawa convenience store within 15 miles of venue (NJ, PA, DE venues), promoter will take sandwich orders from band prior to sound check in lieu of Deli Tray

(diet cherry vanilla? you guys are so gay)

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