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Things that are rad: Beat Radio covers Japandroids

It is not a secret thing that I have been an obsessive/fan over the band

Beat Radio

for um... pretty much forever or at least as long as this blog has been in existence. There are countless reasons for this, not the least of which is the great emails that I receive from singer Brian. Every time they land in my inbox I get super excited and then I click on the email and get MORE EXCITED. This morning's email was no exception, as it gifted me with this awesome cover of Japandroids single "The House That Heaven Built." Japandroids are a punk rock band that Brian "likes a lot" and so do I. Their recent album

Celebration Rock

is very rad and sure to be on many many year end lists (including my own, perhaps!).

Since Brian was rad enough to share this track with me, I am now sharing it with you. ENJOY!!!

Beat Radio -

The House That Heaven Built

(Japandroids cover)

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