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hard to beat

Hi neglected blog. Did you miss me? Seriously, I have been to two awesome shows in the past few days and completely neglected to write about them or photograph them in any way. Mostly this is because I always seem to run into other bloggers at every >show who have more time to write about this stuff than I do and have entries up covering pretty much everything that I would have talked about (including the jerk at We Are Scientists who yelled at me for dancing. Granted he was wearing a Summerstage Security t-shirt so I guess I shouldn't have been too surprised, but still. If you want to stand perfectly still and watch a band, then don't come to a rock show at Bowery Ballroom and stand dead center in the fifth row. Boo.)

So anyways, I saw We Are Scientists at Bowery Ballroom, which only served to increase my insane crush on this band and everything about them. Honestly, when they launched into their cover of "Be My Baby" I thought my head was going to pop off. Instead I slow danced with Nicole and fantasized about having a band that awesome play at my prom. In the words of lead singer Keith, this band is definitely on my sweet list.

We Are Scientists - Lousy Reputation

(I guess it should be noted, however, that their album sold half as many copies as Morningwood's debut did last week. Hmmm)

Then last night -- holy fucking shit HARD FI. When I saw the band back last summer at Lollapalooza, I thought they were awesome. At the time I did happen to be standing around in a baseball field at noon in 100 plus degree weather, so I guess my judgement could have been impared or something.. but no. This band is awesome. Every time awesomely psycho lead singer Richard took out the keyboard flute, Nicole screamed, and when they played Hard To Beat, the entire room went INSANE. No one yelled at my for dancing this time, thank goodness.

Here's an old picture from Lollapalooza (yeah well..). I need to go get some aspirin an figure out what the hell was up with the afterparty last night (bloody sheets and diapers hanging from the ceiling? what HUH?)

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