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a music letter from me to you

I guess the big story this week on the NYC music scene is the sudden rivalry of two new york indie rock/pop bands who happen to both be releasing debut albums on major labels on the same day during the same week that they also play back to back sold out Bowery Ballroom shows (phew!). While Brooklyn Vegan has a complete blow by blow analysis of the Morningwood / We Are Scientists "fued," I ended up over at Bowery Ballroom last night to see what all the fuss was about myself.

Obviously I have already established my love for We Are Scientists, and I think they are certainly on their way to becoming hugely popular in their sweater vest kitten weilding way.

On Morningwood, however, the verdict was still out for me. I have heard people rave about them and critics chime in with less than flattering reviews. But songs like "Nth Degree" and "Jetsetter" have been almost impossible to get out of my head upon even just one or two listens, so I was open minded.

And I gotta say, the band left such an impression on Bowery Ballroom last night - namely via frontlady Chantal - that naysayers aside this band is definitely going places. I honestly don't even remember the last time I have seen a crowd in that venue stirred into such a frenzy of dancing, jumping and screaming (Arctic Monkeys MAYBE but still not really even a close comparison). There was nudity. There was champagne everywhere (including all over bloggers) There was glitter and confetti falling from the ceilings and thrown into the air (ok ok, maybe Capitol Records just has some excellent street team people). Chantal belted a song from the BALCONY, which I have never seen done before at Bowery. And say whatever you will about her looks, the girl has pipes and knows how to work a room.

Morningwood may not be writing the next critically acclaimed masterpiece, but they are a fun band and with a name like that they almost have to be viewed as a guilty pleasure don't they?

As for who will win the Morningwood/We Are Scientists war of the catchy indie poprock bands? WAS take the stage tonight... so we shall just have to wait and see.

Morningwood - Jetsetter

hard to beat

it dawned on me