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Today I'm going to talk about how much I like the band Phoenix. I was talking about this with someone over the weekend, after I heard "Everything Is Everything" being played throughout the crowded Apple Store in Soho. Phoenix (who are french! we love frenchies), manage to have this perfect combination of sort of rock, sort of pop, but just on the very borderline where you don't think their music is just another brand of cheesy euro-trash schtuff. And it's damn catchy. To the point that, when I started playing one of their songs, one person was like "this is soooo cheesy" and by the time it hit the middle he was dancing around the room singing along.

You've probably already heard Phoenix because their song "Too Young" was in the movie Lost In Translation and appears on the soundtrack. (I'll post an MP3 later, kids)...

Phoenix are playing Bowery Ballroom with Inouk and the fantastic Benzos on December 2nd. Get your tickets here.
Last night I DJd at The Skinny. The owner, Jim, put up this poster with descriptions of all the DJ nights. Mine read something along the lines of "Miss Nora K opens a box of nostalgia playing your favorite pop, indie rock, 80s new wave, etc. etc." Gotta love that nostalgia box... but seriously, remember that song "Standing Outside A Broken Phonebooth With Money In My Hand" (a song title as long and annoying as the title of Fiona Apple's second record?) by Primative Radio Gods? I love playing things like that, that people haven't heard in a long time but remember like it was yesterday the second it hits their ears.

I may or may not be djing at Pianos tomorrow night, but if I'm not, I'll be hitting the Interpol afterparty @ the Delancey or trying to find a way into the Arcade Fire show at Bowery Ballroom. Or maybe I'll be passed out on my couch after watching the OC. The way the weather has been this week has made that just about the only thing I actually want to do, but then I remember that it's going to be like this for the next four months.

That sucks big time.


they broke my sitar