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it dawned on me

When I was in Chicago, my friends kept going on and on about the album that Calla put out last year, Collisions. Obviously I didn't make a top ten or top anything list this year (I'm still considering it I guess... is it bad to put out a 2005 top ten list in February?). Anyways, if I HAD made one, this song most certainly would be on it.

It's beautiful. I'm obsessed with it. Last night before we went to the Skinny I forced Matt to spend half an hour trying to download it from somewhere (iTunes music store was down...?!?!?!) because I HAD to hear it or there was no way I would be able to make it through the night.

I really need to get a copy of the album, because I left mine in Chicago... if anyone wants to IM me today, I have a cold and it would make me feel much much better.

Calla - It Dawned On Me

They are playing at North Six on February 4th.

Nicole also sent me a link to this band At The Lake who kind of sound like the Smiths. I like the song "These Days.."

Also if you kind of squint and get close to your computer, here is a flier for Tiswas 2.0 the "Darkroom edition." Looks pretty awesome to me..though when I walked past the space the other day it kind of still looked very under construction.

a music letter from me to you

at home i have a huge box of tapes n'tapes...