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keeping it local (well almost)

Ok I have to admit the severed groundhog kinda gives me the heebie jeebies, but otherwise this seems like a cool show that you should go to. The Crackers United guys never disappoint.

I had a crazy weekend, witnessed three fights at Orchard bar in one night, and DJed at the Skinny the next night which is always a blast. Seriously, I don't know what I would do without that bar and the people who work there -- and they have JENGA. Forreals. And then Sunday I hooked Laura up with my Jenny Lewis ticket and caught some much needed Z's instead. I love Jenny, don't get me wrong, but I was tired. Good thing is, Laura wrote a great review and used her fantastic camera to snap some amazing photos. I have camera envy.


Some shows featuring great local talent that you should check out this week include:

the iOs @ Rothko on Thursday. later this month they will kick off a Pianos residency and are planning to release their full length album entitled "In Sunday Songs" on May 2nd on the fantastic Kanine label.

To perhaps help illuminate how cute and awesome this band is, check out their Crashin-in interview... with singer Autumn's cat Squalkers. I think maybe if I'm ever interviewed for anything I should just let Zoe do the talking for me.

Stream four songs on their Myspace.

also our "old" favorites (which is weird to say, but I haven't talked about them in a while) Benzos are playing a special acoustic show at Pianos at 8pm Thursday and it's FREE! If I had actually bothered to make a top 10 or 20 list of my favorite albums from last year I think their record Morning Stanzas would def. be on it.

Benzos - Glass Souls

And I should have probably mentioned this a million years ago, but The Changes (finally!) signed to indie label Drama Club. Back in college I knew a few people who could have started their own drama clubs (if you know what I mean)... but seriously, congrats to the band and we should have a full length album to dance around too very very soon.

the easy life

the skinny this saturday... i'm djing with jenny lewis!