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the easy life

What a busy week this has been -- and we're on the brink of a blizzard apparently so my trip to Atlantic City this Saturday for some emo goodness may have to sadly be postponed. The GOOD thing that could come out of this is that I would be able to go see the Gaskets tear shit up (oh yesss) at Arlene's Grocery saturday night.

The Gaskets are basically like two guys with ADD who ate a bunch of pop rocks, drank a six pack of Sparks, got a sound machine and decided to put on a fucking awesome dance show. Clearly this must be seen to be believed (I've seen it, and I loved it)! Jerry is so excited about this show that he WROTE A SKIT ABOUT IT and will certainly be front and center throwing his hands in the air (like he just don't care.... i love you Jerry).

The Gaskets - The Easy Life

Spent last night having a blast and a half with the guys of my new favorite thing on the planet, the band Liam and Me. They are playing next week at my least favorite NYC venue, but we are planning to bring them back to NYC soon-ish so get excited!

Jay Goodtimes is DJing tomorrow night at Fontanas (aka FUNtanas) and his name doesn't mislead -- hell he's promising "a tits out kind of rager" and something else involving "mad robotic sexy taco." I'm not QUITE sure about that but just don't ask him to play the Killers because he'll look at you like you have 20 heads or something. I love Jay too. Head over after The Gaskets show.

DETAILS: Saturday, Feb 11 (9:30pm)
@ Fontana's (FREE)
105 Eldridge (btwn Grand and Broome)

Next week I'm actually having a party! So tell your Valentine's "date" to fuck off (though not via text message because that is just rude) and come to The Skinny on Tuesday. Sexy tacos may infact be involved with this also, cupcakes are gurantee. Details TBA!

And finally for Friday, new LEVY tune here... it's sad and beautiful. And that's the kind of day today is in a lot of ways, so here you go:

Levy - Rector Street

valentine schmalentine

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