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let the good times....

Happy happy birthday yesterday to the Jocelyn, who celebrated in style and is another person who, as I do, counts "Wings" as one of her music guilty pleasures. I ate ice cream cake, drank free crappy beer from Columbia (Matt tried to snort it, but I don't think it worked), and ended up raiding a hotel mini bar, falling off a bed, and having champagne poured on my face (some got in my mouth I think.

Tonight my winglady returns from the Midwest, and we will be celebrating at Red + Black for another night of popfrenzy! Then Saturday The Sons of Sound are playing at Pianos. Their new website looks really cool, might I add. I haven't seen Dennis perform now in over a month, nor have I seen the entire band together in their current form, so I'm really excited about this show.

Interpol has a new website design, and I don't know if I like it very much. Or maybe I just really liked the last site and how simple it was, and I especially liked the old photos section. But you can go there and listen to clips from Antics every week, you know um... if you haven't heard it yet.

Now apparently all I have to talk about is website designs. I think I spend too much time on the damn internet. But while we are on the subject, WTF is up with this stupid Blogger header at the top of my blog. I hate it. Is there any way to make it go away?

Finally, let's go to the best news I've heard all week: Audrey is starting a Monday night party @ Eleven (152 Orchard St. between Stanton and Rivington St). Which is cool for one because Audrey is cool, for two because Mondays WERE boring, and for three because you can say that you're going to "go to eleven." Ha HA. The night is called Atomique, and it's premiering on the 23rd (next week!), AND it starts early at 8 so bring your dancing shows to work with you. Audrey already has great stuff lined up, including a listening party for the new Bjork album Medulla which I have heard so much about and am really curious to hear. Audrey's rules for Atomique? Good music and good people.

Gotta love that.

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