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it's not the end of the world (but then actually it sort of is)

god i have a lot to talk about. WHERE DOES THE TIME GO. it's fall and i can start drinking hot coffee again and everything seems to just go haywire. it's fashion week but i am ignoring that so that can't be the problem... i mean ok, to be fair i also started an awesome new job, and CMJ is creeping up on me (or full on dumping itself on me), and i had a mini-crisis with my cat and a kitten i temporarily adopted that I named thom yorke for two weeks. but now that is resolved, so i can start talking about music again right?

oh okay, but first this is necessary: DEAR SHINY TOY GUNS, who is this new chick from that Pussycat Dolls reality show who has replaced the tiny and fabulous CARAH in your band? what fuckery is this? please continue to be awesome or a piece of me might die. maybe.

Last week I went to see Delta Spirit at Mercury Lounge. I first saw this band at SXSW, where I was familiar with approx ZERO of their songs. And I really liked them at the time, but it was also Saturday night of SXSW and I was approx 110% exhausted so it was a bit hard to take everything in. Before they played at Merc, I was outside watching my friend Matt have a cigarette (I quit, sort of), and he was talking with the lead singer of Action Painters about the band, and Tom (the singer) said that Delta Spirit "were the new Arcade Fire." Which I'm approx 1010% sure has been said before about more than a few bands, but I think Tom could be on to something here. The room at Merc was packed to capacity, their album is out now on Rounder records and is fucking solid, and they have some FANTASTIC songs (see below). When the band took the stage, there was a definite BUZZ in the room (not just from the cheap recession approved PBRs that I was drinking either).

This song, live, completely blows my mind. I really wish everyone knew the words - and I think that they will soon - so that we could all put our arms around each other and have a rousing sing-a-long to it.

The Delta Spirit - People, Turn Around

And this is the song that everyone knows and loves and it makes them dance. and if you haven't heard it, then listen to it and you, too, can join in the fun times.

Delta Spirit - Trashcan

The Delta Spirit are on a gianormo tour right now, all over the damn place, so GO SEE THEM. Thank you.

Man, I have totally run out of time on this entry, so I will plug a show tonight and then try to update more later.

The End of the World are playing Rahim's record release party tonight at Pianos. The band goes on at 11pm. I'm going. You should be going too. YAY.

Check out TEOTW's song "Jody" from their upcoming album, French Exit, on Flameshovel on November 4.



show i am going to tonight : beat radio / secret life of sofia @ union pool