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not blogging is the new blogging

a conversation with Rob:

nora : NO!
rob: you promised me yesterday you would
nora: um... no i didn't
rob: you said "ok, fine, i promise i'll put up a quick post later today"
rob: and i said "YAY!"
rob: but today? NO POST
rob: you broke a promise to me
nora: you are annoying me
nora: stop that
nora: what do you want me to post about?
rob: first, you're too sick to see morning theft. then, i don't see you all weekend. then, you don't update your blog
rob: is this the end nora?
rob: are you leaving me?
nora : leaving you?
nora: the end of nora?
nora: seriously?
nora: i can't really write a blog entry about that...
rob: write about. geese
rob: and bunnies.
nora: rob my blog is about music
rob: write about how awesome it is that the test icicles broke up
nora: did they? that's awesome i did not like that band
rob: here, you can just quote this:
rob: they formed in like 2004
rob: they break up not two months into 2006
rob: they have one fucking full length out and people are crying like pearl jam just broke up note: if pearl jam broke up, i would not cry either... sorry
rob: who fucking cares?
nora: who is crying?
nora: that is not something to cry over
rob: i've seen a bunch of blog posts and comments from people upset they're not going to ever seen them
nyc nora: really? uh...

that fucking blows

i was so looking forward to the merc show w/ man man"

nora: aren't they still going to tour though?
rob: they canceled their US tour
rob: they have a couple april shows in the UK and it's done
nora: i mean... how sad for their five fans. maybe they had a fight over how bad their band's name is.

Anyways.... this weekend I was sick. I watched a lot of bad/good stuff on cable tv. I saw one good movie (The Squid and the Whale) and one bad movie, save for fleeting moments of Scott Speedman topless (Underworld 2). Then Sunday I rallied and went to Motherfucker with Craig and saw the New York Dolls, which was actually 110% awesome. Can I just say that I also actually really love Avalon? Not for clubbing of course, but for fun stuff/events like this? That place is crazy, and certain rooms totally make me feel like I'm in Willy Wonka's house minus the oompa loompas, but throw in some drag queens. I saw Kylie Minogue there once and it was fucking ridiculous. So yeah, good Motherfucker!

The DJ played this Art Brut song, which was a stroke of genius if you ask me, and people went ape shit.

Art Brut - Good Weekend

And it WAS a good weekend.

Sometime soon I'll write about the good (and mostly not so good) bands that I've seen lately, but my job has kind of started to make it difficult to write about new music. But don't worry (Rob) you haven't "lost me" yet.

Oh and I'm apparently going to appear on some crazy Japanese TV show. In it I'm drinking beer and playing Liam and Me (this is my reality... uh i guess). They are playing at Fat Baby tonight and you should probably go. 11pm.

BTW, Crackers United still have the best fliers and the best shows ever. See here.

Tired now. Need more tea. Have a good Wednesday!

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