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110 degrees in the shade

Finally we have reached the time where Nora gets to update all of you on her Coachella experience. While speaking in third person. Okay... just kidding. Anyways, from the documentation below, you would think the heading of this blog entry should be "Nora obviously needs a new digital camera." Yeah well, Nora also needs a money tree or a sugar daddy but these things just aren't happening, now are they?

here we have nora, pre-coachella madness and possible sun stroke. she looks a little greasy i think, but that's because of the 10 lbs of sunscreen probably. she wishes she had been able to get drunk the night before at the Filter party @ Bananaz (what a name for a club...), but alas whomever was DJing was not doing a very good job and since she and her fellow companions Jocelyn, Greg and Audrey had barely slept a wink the night before, the party thing was just not happening.

the first band that was checked out was The Sounds, which Nora had seen back in February at Irving Plaza when she had a raging headcold and couldn't make out anything coherently after Kill Hannah played and she was too far away to appreciate their eyeliner angsty goodness. But Nora likes the Sounds, even though the lead singer seems to be a bit high on herself... but she's Swedish and hot so maybe she's allowed. The Sounds don't really work as well in the middle of the day though...
Next up we had the Stills, who Nora adores but the sound for their set was just awful. Nevertheless, Nora left everyone she knew to get up close to fill up her camera with pictures of their lead singer. Oh my.

After the Stills, Nora is pretty sure she went to see one of the absolute highlights of the weekend, Stellastarr. The New York scenesters were out in force, but even better the place was PACKED with people loving this amazing band.

Unfortunately for Stellastarr fans, the Mojave tent was like a goddamn sauna. You could have fried an egg on the ground in there. That and it smelled suspiciously like a barn. By the time we evacuated the tent after Stellastarr's amazing set, we were all frazzled and soaking wet. And while Stellastarr tends to make me wet sometimes, this wasn't really the same at all...

So at this point Nora and Jocelyn decided to pass out on the grass and listen to Death Cab for Cutie, who played "Transatlaticism" so Nora had to call Rob and reminisce about how gorgeous that song is.

Ok... i'm tired of this third person thing. SO.... after this was The Desert Sessions, which Nora could not have been more excited about because of how much I LOVE JOSH HOMME. I mean honestly the man just oozes rock and roll sex appeal and when he shakes his hips back and forth during QOTSA shows, good lord the things it does to me.

Only some of the stuff they played I was really into though, so I ended up running around trying to find everyone before The Pixies started. Okay, so as you tell from this picture:

We were REALLY REALLY REALLY far away from the stage when The Pixies played. But they were great anyways, and the air was just buzzing from the collective excitement to see them reunited. I ended up being able to check out a little but of the Moving Units before we all went to see The Rapture. Now, if you know me and if you ever pay any attention to what I write in this weblog, you know how much I love the Rapture. As in I am totally obsessed with them, and if I'm at a party and someone plays a Rapture song, there is no option but for my to freak out and dance immediately. They are like a drug, but better than drugs and with cowbell. And at Coachella, they just OWNED. AND unlike at their NYC show back in March, in the desert in California people actually DANCE. Oh... it was sweet!

Now normally I get extremely excited when I'm going to a concert where I'm ONLY going to see Radiohead. But after the collective insanity of seeing so many fanfuckingtastic bands on one day, the Radiohead thing was like some unearthly climax. They played "Street Spirit", which is probably my favorite Radiohead song, and also played "Creep", which I had never heard them do live before. Thom's voice seemed to be in full epeletic seizure effect and despite how tired I was at that point from the 100 degree heat, they owned the day for me. I fucking love you Radiohead.

This all ended with one or two Kraftwork songs as we made our way over to the Spin party, which was maybe the highlight of the weekend, after surviving our first day of rediculously hot weather. And ok... there was an open JAEGERMEISTER BAR. So basically I was drunk before I even walked in there. But it was a great time, with 2ManyDJs spinning and Jocelyn and I jumping around to "Take Me Out" and trying in vain to find someone from The OC... we had no luck there (see The Blueprint for all the OC stalking luck and a hilarious recap of the 10 Most Important Lessons of The OC) .

Well, that was day one. And now I'm going to go back to The Hook (which I kind of promised myself I wouldn't do again, but I lied apparently) to see Audrey DJ with Sam from Interpol. Joy! Big big thanks to everyone who came out to our Cinco De Mayo party yesterday. More on that and on Coachella Day 2 later...