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the crimsontini of doom!

i have a big love/hate relationship with the holidays. such as: i love having a christmas tree/my dad bought a fake one, i love going to chicago/i hate the traveling part, i love my good friends/i hate missing my mother, etc. etc. etc.. Despite all this good/bad-ness of the season, so far my holidays have been quite fantastic.

Friday was popfrenzy!, the holiday edition, and even though we didn't have any yarmuclaus to hand out, there were plenty of candy canes and great tunes provided by Husky G, Matt, and the wonderful Stellastarr* boys. I vaguely remember what I played, but I do know that I fell asleep in the DJ booth as soon as I was done. Does that qualify as a disco nap? I'm not sure. Anyway, thanks to everyone who came out.

The weekend was rounded out by a festive holiday dinner party hosted by Miss Jocelyn, complete with tasty food and champagne punch and an evil concoction she and I managed to whip up called a "crimsontini" which apparently required an entire bottle of vodka. Or did I read that wrong? Entirely possible. In any event, it was good company, and as I headed back into the city courtesy of Josh Upwelling, the snow began to fall. This was just in time for me to meet up with Jed (whose blog is now an Arcade Fire fansite apparently), cupcake in hand, to go see the Scissor Sisters disco glitter blitz affair @ Hammerstein.

First up were VHS or Beta, who were really good and fantastically loud, and the room was already packed for their set so people were dancing like crazy. I know I get a lot of shit for saying things like this, but the guys in VHS or Beta are HOT and they have GREAT HAIR (almost enough to warrent a road trip to Kentucky?) And of course, more importantly, "Night On Fire" really is the song that "should have been the anthem of the year".

Speaking of anthems of the year, Scissor Sisters performed their great bluesy version of Franz Ferdinands "Take me Out," and brought down the house with a totally crazed performance of "Filthy/Gorgeous." Hail the disco hipsters! (although maybe someone should oerhaps tell the gorgeous Ana Matronic not to talk so much in between songs, she was starting to make Pelle from the Hives seem concise, not to mention modest...). We enjoyed the whole wild campy fun of their live shows, complete with sparkle-motion outfits, barely dressed go-go dancers, and rainbow lighting displays. I recently read an article where a guy was quoted as saying that Scissor Sister's concerts will change your life forever. Maybe I won't go that far, but they put on a damn fine show.

the OC continues to take over my life...

popfrenzy + chrismukkah = awesomeness