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being coherent is so five days ago

in lieu of blog entry, i give you funny im conversation BETWEEN bloggers. and then some tunes.

secret machines @ irving plaza photo by brother lawrence, cuz i love him and i broke my digital camera

nora: hey, how was lost?
nora: i didn't watch it yet
rachael: Holy potatoes note: rachael says this all the time. hehe.
rachael:Pretty damn good
rachael: The first 5 minutes made the whole season worthwhile
nora: you saw today right?
rachael: Haha yep
rachael: Genius
nora: ahahaha
nora: did you see the jet review on pitchfork?
rachael: Yep
rachael: Come on nora
rachael: This is days ago
nora: SIGH, i know
nora:<--- has no internet at home!
rachael: Slacker
nora: what about the review of the changes album?
rachael: pitchfork?
rachael:I will check it out
rachael: Hahaha
nora: 6.7 isn't bad
nora: at least it's not a monkey jerking off or whatever
rachael:That was so ridic
rachael: And it didn't even get a grade
nora: i know
nora: anyways, as much i love this secret machines album
nora:sometimes it sorta makes me want to kill myself
rachael: hahaha
nora: like it's TOO MUCH
rachael: havent heard it
nora:i saw them last night
rachael:oh ya?
rachael: how was it?
nora: by the end i thought i was going to have a stroke
nora: it was interesting and they are really impressive musicians
nora: but honestly (and you will read this in my blog tomorrow)
rachael: hah okay
nora:i'd almost rather sit at home smoking a doobie
nora: on my couch
nora: and listen to their music there
rachael: hahaha
rachael: yeah i hear ya
nora: than stand around a sweaty room with a crazy light display giving me epeleptic seizures.although the "in the round" thing was actually really cool. oh, and i did have the flu at the time.
rachael: totally
nora: and seriously ALSO there are some tv on the radio songs
nora: that i CANNOT listen to
rachael: ugh me neither
rachael: i really dont get why they are so amazing
rachael: and grizzly bear
rachael: kill me
nora: i haven't even HEARD that
rachael: its painful
nora: anything about bears or cookie mountains
nora:i don't understand
rachael: hahaha
nora: although you know if there WAS a mountain made of cookies
nora: i would be all over that shit
rachael: mmmmmm
nora:you realize i'm just going to post this conversation
nora: hahaha
rachael: uh oh, feel free to edit me
nora: after all, if the number five song people want to listen to on hype machine is borat's "in my country there is problem" then i feel like i don't need to be that coherent

(this conversation went on for a while, until rachael told me that someone is having a pre-cmj party on OCTOBER 14th?!??!! can I call my dj gig next week a pre cmj party? I asked Rachael if I could throw a post-cmj party in december. she wanted to know if her badge would be honored....). - nora

secret machines - alone, jealous and stoned (such a gorgeous song)

tv on the radio - wolf like me



blogging is the new CMJ. djing is the same old nora.