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BOAT ROCK. is that like yacht rock? hmm.

First of all, don't forget to listen to The Blog Show today. Rachael and I play some great music and this week we talk about some "serious" issues. Well, sort of.

CMJ was pretty insane this year, but actually a lot of fun. I have to say I caught most of the acts that I really wanted to see during the day, so that I could go out at night and have fun and didn't have to deal with venue rejection and frustration (like last year). Well, if anyone saw me serving beer at the pure volume loft thursday night, you know I had a good time.

One of the bands that I saw that I hadn't seen before was Tall Hands. I only caught them acoustic at the gothamist house, but they were great. They had sleigh bell. Hot. And the singer had a badass purple velvet jacket on. It was great. The band describes their music as "boat rock," although I don't really a) spend a lot of time on boats or b) have any idea what that means. Oh well! Check them out:

Tall Hands - Fifteen On Ice

Anyways, I'm DJing at the Skinny tonight. 10-4am. Woo.

Gotta get back to work, before the Beach House album totally lulls me to sleep.

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