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her purses aren't even that cute either

"take a chance you stupid ho?" Um... what Gwen Stefani? What is this godawful song you have produced? You can hear this semi-decent quality rip of "What Are You Waiting For?" from a radio station (thanks to Scott Stereogum). All I can assess from this is that it's one of the WORST, practically frightening songs I have heard in a long time, and I am a BIG fan of Gwen/No Doubt. Her voice is so distorted you can barely recognize her except for the Evita-esque opening... she probably should have kept waiting for some decent material.

- On the other side of the spectrum, Le Tigre'scover of "I'm So Excited" is excellent. I'm absolutely spinning it the next time I DJ (this Friday @ Red + Black). I was also invited to DJ my first wedding reception for a friend of mine from college who is tying the knot. Any good recommendations for wedding songs?

- The biggest music related surprise for me came from Green Day. The new album is amazing, half the time I couldn't even conceive that it was Green Day that I was listening to, but it's a big improvement over the downward spiral they were in post-"Time Of Your Life." My current favorite track is "Boulevard of Broken Dreams," but the whole thing is worth a listen.

- My CMJ volunteer schedule is finally confirmed. The line-up is still really overwhelming, but in a good I couldn't be more excited (like the Le Tigre song!) kind of way. I'm sure this years marathon will produce plenty of debaucherous adventures that I may or may not share with you...

- Finally, Madison Strays rocked on Friday, despite a few microphone problems, it was a good time. I don't think there was enough ass shaking, but the front two rows of girls seemed to be dancing along for the majority of the time so I guess that was ass shaking enough! Everything after they played gets a bit blurry... when the bartender says the shots she is making for you and your friends is called "Memory Loss", you should really believe her because she isn't kidding. I remember doing one of these shots with Nicole, Danielle, and Greg The Boyfriend, and then I think Danielle had a long conversation with him about female ejaculation videos. I have to remember to get the details on THAT one. Next thing I know, I'm at the Delancey, some how semi-playing bartender, and then I'm on my couch. I guess that's a formula for a good party? OH, and Sex Sells were also really great. Check out some of their songs here.

"when we were kids we wanted to make a band that combined the mystical lyrics of Dio and Iron Maiden with the experimentation of Viovod"

the force is strong (barring some minor alterations)