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i think my saliva tastes like vodka.

and on Monday, she was sober.

Holy shit. Motherfucker was an amazing experience that I don't think we entirely did properly (oops oops and oops), but I still danced like a maniac and at one point was up on a block with a very very small topless asian boy when they played The Rapture, because if you play The Rapture, I go completely apeshit. (** and for all you idiots who don't like The Rapture, just TRY not to dance like a freak when House of Jealous Lovers comes on. JUST TRY)

Michael T - gorgeous x 10.

I need to give Nicole $$ and a hug for putting up with my drunk ass and keeping me in good booze and spirits, because the cold weather was not helping my mood much. She also got me a free pink lighter from a bodega on LES. Rockin. But then her brother's car disappeared much as I did at Lit on Friday night.

Nevertheless, last night we decided that we're starting a Joy Division cover band, and calling ourselves "The Dengler." I thought this was a fantastic idea, although people looked at us kind of funny when we ran around shouting "The Dengler!" all night.

Oh... and does EVERYONE have pictures on their digital camera of me making out with people? Either I'm getting a lot of face time or everything is really boring and that's all there is to photograph.

Ok... crawling back to bed now.