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cmj band crush #1: the depreciation guild

so i know i initially said that CMJ was pretty meh and stuff, but then I looked at my itunes the other day and realized that I had added a lot of new bands that I am actually REALLY excited about, all from last week alone. so in the end I think.. CMJ? mission accomplished! but I will agree with what Sarah said... it really really sucks to have to work a day job and then try to go to CMJ shows at night. at least during SXSW I can drink margaritas all day and night with friends and see tons of bands and not have to worry about the power point presentation I have to put together the next day.

First up, we have NYC band The Depreciation Guild. Okay so... do you remember that really really awesome video game for the original Nintendo entertainment system, Maniac Mansion??? It looked like this:

Well BASICALLY, if you took the soundtrack to that game (which was SO AWESOME) turned it into a good looking band and added a lot more shoegaze to it, the result would be The Depreciation Guild. They even play in front of trip-y colored video screens which enhances the otherworld-ly quality of their music, and if you read the band credits, one of the members is listed as playing TOYS. How do I get a job like that?! I saw them play at our After The Jump showcase at the Knitting Factory and was so mesmerized I barely noticed when someone handed me a can of Sparks plus, so that pretty much says it all.

Check out Depreciation Guild this Saturday (11/1) at some crazy new venue in Greenpoint called Alphabeta (which by day is a graffiti supply store!). Their album, In Her Gentle Jaws can be downloaded entirely FOR FREE if you click on the yellow strip on their website.

The Depreciation Guild - Butterfly Kisses (my fave)

The Depreciation Guild - In Her Gentle Jaws

Lowry, Part 2!

TALLY HALL - video for "Welcome To Tally Hall!"