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bigmouth strikes again

i'm sorry i haven't been updating much lately. if i ever got a chance to sit down for two seconds, or even take a deep breath now and then, that would be helpful. as it is, those things haven't been happening lately because of how rediculously busy i've been. as it stands, my sister's birthday present is going to get there three days late, at least, because post office hours just don't work for people like me lately.

anyways, the highlight of my weekend would have to be Saturday, when I got to see The Smiths (1/2 of them at least, although Tom would call them "the fake smiths") DJ at Centrofly. Audrey played an amazing set before them in the "chill out room", which was so chill that you can smoke there and dance on a crazy circular platform (although there were no small topless asian boys for me to dance with this time).

This was followed by an amazing Ultragrrrl set, where her brother took possibly very embarassing (almost certainly embarassing) pictures of me dancing my ass off to The Killers, Franz Ferdinand, Joy Division, etc. etc. Finally the Smiths were on, and they played until the wee hours of the morning (6am, thank you stupid time change). I ran into Chris Pompadour, who did, infact, lose his pompadour, but actually looked great anyways so it wasn't the end of the world.

Other highlights of the week include the, as predicted, ORGASMIC BRMC/Rapture show. Though I was bummed to miss Stellastarr* and The Killers, this show was not to be missed and the group was having so much fun, cowbell at all! The highlight for me was an audience gripping performance of "Open Up Your Heart," which had Nicole and I swaying back and forth like we were listening to "Lean on Me."

TONIGHT: The GoStation @ Pianos, and then um... sleep?