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"when we were kids we wanted to make a band that combined the mystical lyrics of Dio and Iron Maiden with the experimentation of Viovod"

Okay, observe. In the above picture on the right we have Carlos D. circa 1988. A cropped version of this photo appeared in the latest Rolling Stone feature on the band. (As a side note, this issue also featured THE BRAVERY as one of the ten bands you should watch. Crazy!) I think the hair has really improved since then (though didn't everyone's hair improve after the 80's?), but there's no "badass" gun holster! Did you buy your copy of Antics yet? Get on that shit!

Anyways, I should also mention that the guy all the way on the left in the above photo is DJing @ popfrenzy! on Friday. It's a small world afterall. His name is ALSO Carlos. Dun dun dun....

Also, tonight members of Keane tried to eat popfrenzy! fliers and they said: "Yum!"

politics + booze = awesome!

her purses aren't even that cute either