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adventures in high fashion and high levels of alcohol consumption

Well I guess I can talk about myself for a little bit here, considering all I'm really doing today is watching male models show up for some fashion/advertising shoot. Yeah... my life is really hard. They are all very hot foreign types too. Yum.

I only had one fashion show type thing going on this week, when I went to the Vivianne Tam afterparty @ Cielo. Cielo is practically nextdoor to Pastis, so obviously it's somewhere I never ever would go otherwise. I brought Jed along to take part in the insane two hour open bar, and got to wear one of the designer's tops which probably cost more alone than everything else in my wardrobe. Two hours after drinking more Moet than anyone EVER should in that time period, we were dancing to weird electro music that was really only tolerable after massive alcohol consumption. Regardless, the party was awesome and I ended up sleeping in the really expensive shirt. Oops.

Jed and I also ran into Vincent Gallo on Ludlow, and we invited him to popfrenzy. He was actually nice about it, maybe because everyone else walking down the street who passed him made some comment about "blowjobs." He kind of dug his own grave with that one though.... He looked much better in person than you would expect after seeing certain recent pictures.

There is way too much stuff going on this weekend from what I can tell, and I'm having a house guest so you know I will be out in the thick of it. Time to go back to oogling the models for now though...

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