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promotional insanity

Last night we had all this ambition to go out and flier for popfrenzy! and be home in bed by midnight. HA ha ha who were we kidding! Somehow Lit turned into a sort of black hole and we were unable to leave for at least three hours (OK, well there was also an open bar for most of that time which I think had a lot to do with it).

Happy belated birthday to Scott of Pilot to Gunner. I'm sorry I bought you a birthday beer and then discovered I had no money. My bad. I believe they are playing a show on the 24th, which I may or may not attend before going to see Madison Strays. Nicole loves Pilot To Gunner. A LOT. It's kind of out of control. She'll tell you why someday.

Then the night got even better and we started taping popfrenzy! fliers to random people, like cab drivers and taco sellers. I ended up with a Bona Roba flier taped to my chest for about five minutes. Walking advertising is awesome. People actually react really well to girls taping fliers to their shirts. We also gave a flier to Jane Pratt. First Vincent Gallo, then Jane Pratt. Hey you two, if you BOTH come to the party you can hang out with each other and be cooler than all of us! Unlikely, I know.

Also, Spencer Product is a kickas DJ. He played Bloc Party's "Banquet" which might be my new favorite song. And he has a really cool name. I wish I had called myself Nora Product now. Well... sometimes.

I think that's about it. I hope everyone comes tonight. It will be fun. I'll be the girl in a Jem t-shirt drinking a LOT of red bull.

sucks to be dan rather today

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