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hey carrot juice!

- Louix XIV's "Find Out True Love Is Blind" (from the Illegal Tender ep)... oh I like it. they're opening for Hot Hot Heat on March 9th (my actual birthday!) but tickets are sadly all sold out -- EVERYTHING IS SELLING OUT TOO EARLY, grrr. I'm sure they will be back soon though, since their album The Best Little Secrets are Kept is coming out March 22nd

- Also aiding todays happiness deficit are Brooklyn's own Pilot to Gunner. I should have written a fucking novel about how awesome this band is a YEAR ago when their album, Get Saved actually came out. But... oops, that didn't happen. So to make up for lost time, I LOVE THIS FUCKING BAND. My ipod is practically on fire for how heavy in rotation I've had their album playing the last couple of days. There's no gloss involved here, just solid energetic rock songs with yummy hooks to boot (yes I can describe anything as yummy, so sue me). It may also help my opinion that they are awesome guys and apparently go to Lit more than Nicole and I do.

Nicole will, in fact, probably scold me for writing about them after she has been begging me to listen more to this album since giving me copy so long ago. Well winglady, you win. And I'll even forgive you for that whole "sweatpants" thing...


Pilot to Gunner:
Barrio Superstarrio

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