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sucks to be dan rather today

This weekend was kind of a blur. Mostly a blur of awesomeness. I drank a cosmopolitan, something I rarely do. Why that is interesting, I don't know, and it probably isn't. I'm sick today, so give me a break.

Remember how last week I said there was a mosh pit as Misshapes on the dance floor? Okay well this time there actually was a mosh pit. Leigh or Greg or somebody with records played Nirvana and suddenly people were just going completely wacko. It was awesome. Redbull at 3 am or something... not as awesome. Emmy awards? Forgot they were even on, Gary Shandling is a) orange (like sparks) b) not really funny at all c) both. Not awesome either.

Okay, I can't even look @ this computer anymore. Where is my goddamn sudafed. Ugh.

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