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listen to the wall

This picture was taken of something that someone scrawled across the wall in the DJ booth at Eleven. I can't imagine who possibly would have written it (wasn't me!), but you should heed this message people. Friday, come see Madison Strays in their first (of many I'm sure) headlining shows @ Rothko.

It's going to be a fantastic concert... I can promise you that, and look at the evidence! Belvy shakes his ass and does creative hand motions that Adrian Brody will rip off on his next GQ cover. They have the hottest Asian boys ever on stage together at the same time, and their guitar player just landed a modelling contract (seriously...), plus they are all the nicest guys and make some of the best gloomy dance rock you have heard in a long time. And the openers are great too, especially Sex Sells who have only been together for a couple of months but sound like seasoned rockers.... someone said The Strokes but much much better. I'll go for that....

Here is all the info you require:
FRIDAY, Sept 24th!

Sex Sells (10pm)
Pitty Sing (9pm)
Euphone (8pm)
Love of Everything (7pm)

DOWNSTAIRS OPEN BAR special for $10 from 10pm - 12am (all you can drink -includes
ALL WELL drinks & BUD) or $3 Pabst all night long, otherwise pay as you
drink if you choose not to partake in the bars special.

Spencer Product (We Bite | Happy Endings, UP ! The Delancey)
Claudia Lake (
Alex English (Girls & Boys)

And apparently the official afterparty is @ the Delancey (168 Delancey @ Clinton), where you can "come out and party with the band." Because we all know this band NEVER parties.

Don't miss it!

If you want to hear about how awesome Interpol are, I'll leave it to Sarah to further elaborate on that point...

the new new wave!

sucks to be dan rather today