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from shouting to quiet

This weekend turned out to be really excellent, although it was hard to follow up my night in Boston with Morning Theft. Friday while everyone had a great time (it sounds like) in the Central Park monsoon for Stellastarr*, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Devo, I took a nap. This might sound boring, but trust me, it was much needed. Finally managing to drag myself out of my apartment, Matt and I headed to Rothko where I really wanted to see a band from Sweden I've been hearing a lot about, the Shout Out Louds. And boy was I glad that I did, because we were all very impressed with their poppy rock, highlighted with the Robert Smith-esque vocals of lead singer Adam. Apparently at their last NYC show the crowd was only about 9 people, a far cry from the crowded Rothko that greeted the band Friday night, on their two or three date US tour. Audrey followed their set with some great DJing, and once again spun Daft Punk's "One More Time!!!"

When the band was done, the troopers from Summerstage showed up and after some barhopping around the east village, I got to give Dom his first introduction into the world of Lit, surprisingly NOT packed on a Friday night (thank the lord). Max was all high on love again too... which is always amusing to say the least, and Lola was manning the downstairs bar in pigtails so I hardly recognized her until I realized she was throwing limes at me from across the room. Never has there been a more fabulous bartender and she has a birthday coming up this weekend!

Saturday was lowkey, and I got to help style hair and watched some of The Shining, until we went to Misshapes and the entire world exploded all over the dance floor. The DJs were on a roll, and I ran into Sebastian who I haven't seen in an eternity since he came to Pianos one night while I was on the decks. He marveled at the great music and hot crowd, and I even got him to dance. Beer was flying, people were making out left and right (except for me, shocking I know), it was hottt. We ended up at the Waverly at 5am, where I ate a lot of coleslaw and we talked about being a fan and I found out that my dream of having a song written about me is actually a dream no longer. I'm not giving any more info on this one though.

Sunday rolled around and we were really tired. Spent some time taking care of On The Pull business and then made my way over to Bedford to meet Peter and Jed for a really nice backyard BBQ and to meet some supercool new friendly people. Full of veggie burger and beer, I returned home to call it a night with a new episode of Six Feet Under. Last week I was wondering how they were going to incorporate the song "Transatlanticism" by DCFC and wow did they not disappoint me. Claire and her crazy art student friends were tripping on something and in a drugged out state they all sang along to the gorgeous chorus of "I need you so much closer." So best.

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