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we went to the bah

It's weird how leaving New York for even just 24 hours can make you feel like you've been gone for an entire week. I had a fantastic time on my first trip to Boston since I was 16 (when I followed my parents around the Freedom Trail aimlessly and saw the house and/or grave of every dead historical figure EVER) with Morning Theft. It took us a long five hours to get from NYC to Great Scott's, but I got to listen to the band's demos for their upcoming EP and everything sounds as though it's coming together and will sound AMAZING when it is all finished. The show itself went really well. Openers Low Beam started off the evening right with their powerful rock, featuring a very hot keyboard player with some cool shiny shoes. Despite this band having apparently released three albums already, they are still very much under the radar and will hopefully be making a trip to NYC soon.

Morning Theft played next and proceeded to rock out, and they are honestly getting better and better with every show. After Tuesday's amazing performance at Lit, they didn't disappoint. Even when Rob broke a string at one point during "On End", the band was hardly fazed and the audience even sang along. Boston crowds kick the ass of NYC crowds, sad kind of but really true, and Boston Morning Theft fans are clearly devoted! Thanks for letting me tag along with you guys and sharing your $1 PBRs with my broke ass. I'll be superfan anytime! Hope you enjoy the video recording... evidence that I obviously didn't major in film @ NYU.

Asobi Seksu was also great in only their second Boston appearance, and Ashely's first party was in my view a huge success, especially without having a Boston band on the bill. I hope after she makes the big move to New York that she'll keep doing her shows, because the girl has excellent taste in music that needs to be shared.

Tonight I opted out of wearing a poncho @ Stellastarr* during the monsoon and will probably end up spending my evening @ Rothko, staying dry and listening to Audrey DJ after checking out the Shout Out Louds.

And also, this is some of the most ridiculous shit I have ever seen. It's a fucking TARGET. That's all, it's a STORE that sells crap. Ugh.

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baby pacman, baby