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four to the floor

Pretty much every morning, I IM Rob Holmes and tell him "Rob, I am SO TIRED blaaaaaaaaaaaaah kill me please" or something along those lines. And every day Rob replies "well Nora maybe that's because you GO OUT EVERY NIGHT."

Thanks for clearing that up Rob.

Anyways, last night we went to Pianos and saw a lot of bands. First Washington Social Club, who sound really pop/punk on their recordings and really kind of meh crunchy granola in person.. don't know how that happens honestly but I guess the band has really changed directions. Not that into it, but the room was packed so people really do like this band.

After this, I was super excited because the A-Sides were playing, a Philadelphia band I have wanted all of my NYC friends to see since checking them out at Schubas a few weeks ago. I'm happy to report that the band completely rocked out to a packed crowd and were easily the stand-out band of all the acts I caught that night. The next time they come around here, don't miss them!

We also saw Lolita Bras, who I think I should really like and I tried hard to get into them, but nothing really connected this time around. The band plays very dark and moody rock which is usually right up my alley, but maybe this was just too straightforward or lacking the hooks to really pull me in. I think I will go back next week when they finish up their January residency with Hopewell and give them another shot.

Lolita Bras - Her Own Conversation

Finally I headed over to Mercury Lounge to catch Boston band Aberdeen City for the second time, and was once again swept up in their excellent early Radiohead-esque sound. Best of all, they managed to erase pretty much all of the criticisms I had of them before. For your next chance to see them (next week!) see the flier below:

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oh. holy. shit.