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editors = brilliant

(photo thanks to the speaker climbing wonder that is miss modernage)
I have to be honest, I think I'm still reeling from the Editors show at Rothko on Saturday night. Complain if you want about guest lists being cut and having to get there a little early and stand in a crowded room, but I think you would be missing the point because this show was MORE than worth every minute spend standing in line, and every desperate post on craigslist begging for tickets, etc. etc.

Editors are the REAL deal. From the first time I listened to Munich last year, I knew that I really really liked this band. The album itself is a solid work, but something about their live show just trancends ALL of it. Lead singer Tom Smith has a presence that has to be seen to really be believed. He's so emotional in his performances and his voice sounded so clear and strong on Saturday that the enthralled audience couldn't help but to hang on every lyric and note. In a word, it was brilliant.

Usually after seeing a band like this in a small venue makes me hesitant to feel like I need to rush out and see them the next time they are in town (Artic Monkeys, for example). But when Editors come round again for their proper US tour in March, I will be getting tickets to as many shows as I can manage to see, that's just how good this band is (and their set was really REALLY short).

Editors - Blood
Editors - You Are Fading

Also you can download their entire show in Boston from last night at Bradleys Almanac

And I found this quote from NME pretty damn funny: Editors then faced more venue drama as arriving for their soundcheck, when singer Tom Smith discovered that the new club "didn't have any walls or something", forcing a final and successful move to the Rothko club

The afterparty at Fontanas (which is HUGE inside) was ridiculous, and Peter Hook played one good song (a Blur remix of all things) over several hours so the dance floor was pretty dead. Nevertheless, Rachael and I oogled lead singers and I spent most of the evening with the GoStation boys who are suddenly THE most fun band to party with ever.

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