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white light motorcade @ rothko

Last week I went to Rothko to check out White Light Motorcade, one of my favorite local bands who have bene conspiculously absent from the New York Scene for a while now. The first time I saw the band was last year sometime around May or so at Plaid, where they absolutely blew me away. Since then I got a copy of their last album, Thank you, Goodnight! which features twelve great styalized garage rock tracks ranging from all out rockers to well crafted downtempo songs.

So at the Rothko show anticipation was high since it had been so long since the band had played out. Openers Sex Sells warmed up the crowd perfectly with their high energy set - I don't think frontman Curtis ever stops moving! Finally lead singer Harley and the rest of the band took the stage and tore through a great set featuring a ton of new tracks from their new album, Take Me To Your Party, which is currently only being released in Japan (wtf is up with that, US labels?).

The band also played some of my favorite tracks, including "It's Happening" and "My Way." Their set was only about 25 minutes long, however, which really left the crowd hungry for more. I will def. keep everyone here posted on their next show -- this band live will just blow you away.

White Light Motorcade : I Could Kick Myself (right click save as please!!!)

in other news...
Insound has a ton of new Arcade Fire 7" vinyl that you should def check out. The UK import has David Byrne performing with them on "Naive Melody." Aw, memories...

Laura has The Fame on the cover of The New York Press. Ok I really do like this band, but then why does it seem to me that this cover story kind of came entirely out of left field? At least out of all the up and coming NY bands you could choose from. Do you guys have some sick publicist that I don't know about? Is this like when the Sexy Magazines played at Coachella? Oh well, at least it's a band I like! Congrats guys

next Wednesday the Upwelling are playing @ Southpaw and will be unveiling more hottness and a new keyboard player! go check this show out.

Dutch Kills just added a show on June 9th at Sin-e, playing with The Diggs from Brooklyn.

the new Billy Corgan songs are REALLY growing on me. the expensive webster hall tickets are not, however. can anyone help a girl out? let me know please, i would LOVE to write about this show.

and this website totally freaks me out but is also facinating: PostSecret

let's go on a vacation to the lower east side

as told by morgan freeman