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let's go on a vacation to the lower east side

i was going to write this whole rant about the W hotel that is apparently going to be built on Orchard street, but instead I'll just encourage you to come to the bar nextdoor to this potential monstrosity, The Skinny. Why? Because I'm djing there from 10-4 and I'm sick and I will try to be perky and dance around but I would love your help.

Since I had to bail on my passes to Louis XIV tonight to simplify my life, I'm going to instead be giving away some copies of their EP and album and some fun Louis XIV naughty picture books and stickers also to anyone who comes down. Check out this kind of retarded but still mildly amusing video they did for Paper Doll, featuring Suicide girls (read: NSFW lots of boobage).

ala mode

white light motorcade @ rothko