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moonlight on a monday

So last night, after drinking some stout beer or ale or something with Chris of the fabulous Ios, I made my way over to Arlene's Grocery to spend some quality time with The GoStation. It was the second night in their four show residency happening at the venue every Monday this month.

In July when I saw them at Tiswas, the band was practically on fire and played the best set of theirs I have ever seen. Rob Holmes said that "they totally blew the doors off the place." Totally accurate. That description is obviously a lot to live up to, but I think last night the boys managed to do a pretty good job. Arlenes isn't my favorite venue, but a quarter of the way through their set the place was packed and the band was proving to us all that they have really got what it takes. Their set lists have become more and more solid over the past few months and they really have begun to own the stage, especially frontman Doug who sings with a great intensity that is very difficult to not get drawn in by.

So yes, you have two more FREE SHOWS to go see this band before they outgrow Arlene's Grocery and move on to the rest of the world. Monday. Arlenes. 8:30. Got it?

After this and a brief stint at The Skinny I booked it over to Mercury Lounge to see The Shout Out Louds. The last time I saw this band it was exactly a year ago at Rothko, maybe their third or forth show in the city to a room with maybe five other people in it. Last night? Whole different story! Merc was packed to the brim (with an industry guest list a mile and a half long) and they played with so much more energy I couldn't help but jump around like a maniac during "Very Loud" which is one of my favorite tracks from their album. SO GOOD. I would have pictures except, due to a weird memory card "data error" I have none. Boo.

In other news...

How on earth are you supposed to choose between these??? What are you going to? Let's debate!

Don't forget Madison Strays TONIGHT @ Mercury Lounge. 10:30.

Also, like me, OK Go are from Chicago. Remember them? They had that stupidly catchy song that went "get get get get get over it" a few years ago. Well they have a new album and you can stream the new single here! It's called 'A Million Ways.'

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