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Last night the Madison Strays and Ambulance LTD played to a sold out crowd at Rothko. This is a great thing for the bands, but not so great for the crowd, because Rothko just isn't meant to handle anything of this capacity. This means you end up with a packed in sweaty mess of people, making any chance to get to the bar next to impossible (except for Jocelyn because she's really good at things like this). But I have to say, the Strays were great last night, much better then their last show at Crash Mansion/BLVD a little over a month ago. The song "Grace," which is on their three track EP was a highlight for me, and their new keyboard player blended in seamlessly (musically and hair-wise aswell!).

I have to say... I wasn't really thrilled with Ambulance. I love their single Primative (The Way I Treat You) and seeing them perform it live was great, but very little of the rest of the set stood out to me. Their manager gave me a copy of the LP though so I'm going to try to give it a more thorough listening and maybe I'll be converted. The nice thing about Rothko, as Peter pointed out, is that the audience can keep the band onstage if they really want to because the members have to weed through the dense crowd of people to get on and off the stage. So Ambulence played an encore, and then we bailed out of there asap and headed to a dive bar on Ave A where I got donations from people to play songs on the jukebox and ran into two friends of mine, the fantastic Mark Paone and Rob who I haven't seen in ages and have been meaning to catch up with since I called him from Coachella during Death Cab for Cutie.

Tonight I'm taking the Brit to his last night at Misshapes. Speaking of which, I have to find a prom dress asap to wear there next week, because it's Prom night. My actual prom dress is in a closet in Chicago so that's not going to work. Anyone have anything I can borrow?

If you live in Williamsburg and your'e hungry, stop by Trash bar tomorrow night because they will be grilling burgers, chicken, veggie burgers, and hot dogs, free with any drink purchase. And wish Big Dave a happy belated birthday while you're there.

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