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he's playing a suitcase

I love the Delancey Lounge. And not just because someone decided to let the San Loco guy bartend there (strongest drinks ever). My only complaint was that there was some "vip blah blah blah party" on the roof and so we couldn't go up and check out the fish pond and palm trees. Maybe next time Delancey Lounge... Anyways, I was conveniently on the "Belvy list" and went in to watch the tail end of the Harlem Shakes, who were actually pretty good from what little we heard of them. I'm now on their mailing list so I'll be sure to check them out again.

They were followed up by the always amazing Benzos, who play songs so beautiful they make some people cry... but generally the just put a huge smile on my face that any group of people can make something that sounds so gorgeous. Go download some songs like now. And come see them play the awesomely hot show at Mercury Lounge June 19th with The Sons of Sound and The Bravery. I'm not going to stop telling you about this until the show actually happens so just deal with it because it's going to be THAT GOOD.

We traveled over to Broadcast for a while and then got a ride to Lit from Brian Molloy (who makes all birthdays fucking awesome and who Pianos should REALLY have throw their Thursday night parties). I love Brians, British or DJs from New Jersey or people who keep diaries and call me emo fag.

And finally, being behind the bar at Lit was a weird experience but a lot of fun. Michael T is the best evs. And for Fabio clone guy: tequila, triple sec and lime juice.

party all the time

thank god! (no pun intended)