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Morning Theft was the hottness last night. Even if Rob had to scream his heart out to be heard, the band just seemed really on and I think everyone in the audience (and it was a great turnout!) could feel their energy. 283975239857 times better than their last show and I'm sure they will only get better and better.

Misshapes was also the most fun it has ever been, especially with a coughing sneezing yet still very cute Greg the Boyfriend in attendance. I don't think I've ever worn a skirt that short in public and lived to tell about it, but there is nothing more comfortable to get sweaty and dance in so I think it will need to make another appearance soon.

There is so much stuff going on in the next week, and I will have a visitor from the UK for a lot of it. I mean holy shit... the Fame, Trash, Motherfucker!, and then the first night of Up! at the new Delancey Lounge which sounds extremely kickass, and Madison Strays with Ambulence LTD @ Rothko. My head may explode just thinking about it.

Finally... our management site is up. It looks like crap, but a cute boy who I have had bookmarked on Friendster for an eternity said he can redesign it. Sweet.

If you're bored, go here to watch a lot of great videos, including Asobi Seksu!

we need three seperate pans to prepare veggie/boca burgers

hard to explain