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don't look at me that way

It seems that this weblog has finally earned an enemy, in the form of a lame anonymous poster. Whomever you are, whatever your problem is, can't you find something better to do with your time? That said, I appreciate it when people point out factual mistakes that I make and especially enlighten me to things that I just don't know about. I haven't been doing this for very long, so obvs I don't know everyone but I'm all for learning. Heck, I seem to find a new great band on an almost weekly basis lately! So it would be great if people could stop ragging on me and try to actually be nice for two seconds.

Anyways -- last night we only managed to make it to two shows. First was The Thrills at Irving Plaza. We missed Ambulance LTD because we got lost trying to find Teriaki Boy but I have a ticket to see them at Rothko next Friday so that's OK. The crowd at this show was def. older, a lot of people looking like they could be my parents age and a lot of industry folk also. Apparently this sold out show was originally supposed to happen back in March but was cancelled due to illness. Obvs this made the crowd that much more eager for the Thrills, and they didn't disappoint their fans with their brand of sunny California style folk-pop. While I have to admit that the music really isn't my thing, there was something very pretty about it and I think it would be well suited to play in a car driving through the countryside.

Our next stop was to see Asobi Seksu play at Rothko. I've never actually been to Rothko to see a band play, just for parties. It's pretty obvious that they still have some technical and lighting issues to work out there, but Asobi was just fantastic... there is something so gorgeous and dreamlike about their sound. Yuki is the ultimate personification of "little girl, HUGE voice." If you haven't heard the entire album yet I highly suggest you check it out.

We finished our night at Lit, where I met two of the boys from The Bravery, who told me that they are having a loft party after the final show of their month-long residency @ Arlene's Grocery. Please check this band out on Thursday, they are UNBELIEVABLE. Have I said this enough? Well shut me up and go and tell me how much you love them!

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