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don't you want us to manage your band?

nicolaonthepull: yes!!! all members of *** ******* will wear guns in holsters.
nicolaonthepull: they make you look rad even if you arent.
nicolaonthepull: yesssssss ugh
nicolaonthepull: anyways... i think i want mermaids on the OTPM website.. .what do you think???
noraonthepull: huh?
nicolaonthepull: othepullmanagement=OTPM
nicolaonthepull: its too much to type all the time
noraonthepull: i know
noraonthepull: i said huh to the mermaids part
noraonthepull: what are you smoking?
nicolaonthepull: whats wrong with mermaids??
nicolaonthepull: no one else has mermaids on their website!
noraonthepull: um... don't you think there's a reason for that?
nicolaonthepull: oh lord.
nicolaonthepull: ok. what will we have then?? we need to have some sort of theme!??
nicolaonthepull: what about CANDY!!!!
nicolaonthepull: mmmmmmmmm
noraonthepull: what about mermaids with candy wearing gun holsters!?
noraonthepull: NO!

don't look at me that way

somebody (french) told me... (that mercury lounge is awesome and has four dollar drinks)