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seeing half the world in two days

Last night I got to play an impromtu DJ set at the Alligator Lounge in Williamsburg (ie: walked into the bar and was sent right back home to get my cds and return), and was treated to free pizza and free alcohol all night long. This ruled. I got to play a lot of stuff I never get to play at popfrenzy!, especially stuff I am enamored with from Ladytron and Scissor Sisters to name a few, and I think I played Interpol at least three times but no one complained.

I think my house guest just fell through for the weekend, which is awesome because now I don't have to clean my messy room (although I still SHOULD), but not awesome in that she was my date to Motherfucker. Drat. Who else is going on Sunday??? It's Stellastarr* and free vodka well drinks from 10-11pm. Ooo. Oh well, it's not like I don't go there and see half the world anyways....

Yesterday Kari and I went to see this band play on Last Call With Carson Daly (ugh), but the band was great and considering that the show kind of makes them act like trained monkeys they were good sports. The band is called The Capitol Years from Philadelphia. Philadelphia usually has good exports, ya know like cream cheese and Jacob Surefire. I dunno when the episodes that they are on will air, but I'll try to find out for you.

TONIGHT and TOMORROW there are two great NYC shows happening!

Tonight, the always fantastic BENZOS are headlining Mercury Lounge for the first time, and they are playing with Robbers On High Street. That starts at 9:30, and the after party is at The Dark Room (sweet).

Then TOMORROW, you have to come to this show. Seriously, if we're friends and you want me to ever come see your band play ever again (this isn't exactly a threat, but it would really be appreciated as you appreciate me I would hope... okay well you know what i mean and the band is great!!!!)...

Here is the INFO you need:

This Thursday you can either sit home and watch the RNC on every
freakin channel or you can come to The Delancey to catch Dutch Kills play the
weekly UP party. This is your only choice. There is absolutely NOTHING else
to do that night. NOT exaggerating.

DETAILS: 9:30 at The Delancey. The Delancey is located at 168
Delancey (of all places) between Clinton and Attourney.

Looker - 11 PM
Tiger Mountain - 12 PM

CD Release/listening party for Brit-Pop sensation, The Libertines

ALSO: Go buy the new CD at Recent reviews state:

"The local indie-rockers wowed us a few years back and their new EP is
indeed more of the same"

"Not quite emo, not quite post-rock, not quite indie rock, not quite
anything in particular. Just all them expressed in the most engaging
waypossible. Someday these boys are going to blow up something fierce."

From the anthemic, roaring, Bob Mould-styled rock of "She's A Star"
throughthe pretty strumming and strings of "Semi" all the way to the more orchestral
stylings of "Jupiter" and the jangly melancholia of "Superpowers,"... the band
drags me back to those happy times, and I find myself enjoying the ride.

Read the whole articles at the band website.

i can sing "c'mon c'mon"

the public pervert tour